The Duke of Berkshire® range

Meat from The Duke of Berkshire® exceeds all expectations. The fresh meat specialities enjoy much success and our traditional cold meats put an instant smile on your face. Discover the complete range of The Duke of Berkshire®.


The whole back, the most versatile part of the pig.

Filet pur

This piece of meat is the tenderest of the whole pig.


The pig's crown is a beautiful piece from the back of the pig with the legs left a little longer.

Côte a l'os

Excellent piece of meat from the middle of the back.


The Duke of Berkshire®'s super marbled meat means the blade also develops beautifully when fried, as the fat melts away, giving you masses of flavour and juicy meat.


The loin is a lean cut from the back that is prepared as a pork roast; what if you cut it into slices? Then you create a mignonette or a boneless cutlet.


The belly of the pig is one of the tastiest cuts.


The Tomahawk consists of a piece of back and a piece of stomach.


The shoulder is a very underestimated piece of meat.

Boston butt

It’s the cut for the real barbecue guru.


Classic cut from the ham of the pig.


This is a variation on the classic cut of ham, but we leave a piece of the pig's hip and leg on.

Pork cheeks

As for the jaws of the pig, Jeroen Meus made us cook it all over again. And it was a huge success; it has now become an exclusive product.

Colli mix

Packs of meat containing the best of The Duke of Berkshire®.

Minced meat colli

The pack you need to make all kinds of (minced) food preparations quickly and easily.

Lean 70/30

The best minced meat comes from here.

Cooked ham on the bone

The ‘cobourg’ is the noblest part of the ham from The Duke of Berkshire®.

Cooked ham

Traditionally cooked ham is extremely tasty in sandwiches and in other hot and cold preparations.

Salami in natural dam without garlic

For our salami, we grind meat from the Duke of Berkshire® pig and mix in salt and fine herbs.

Slow cooked bacon

Marinated for several days in a mild spice mixture for an ideal taste.

Dried ham

A dried ham with fantastic flavour and a characteristic aroma.

Cooked shank

A phenomenal taste due to the traditional preparation with brine and spices.

Farmhouse malt

Minced fat from around the groin of The Duke of Berkshire®.

Farmer's malt with crackling

Minced fat from around the groin of The Duke of Berkshire®, with crackling.


The finest cuts from The Duke of Berkshire®.

Peasant pate

At first bite, you immediately taste the unique flavour of the oven-baked traditional farmhouse pate.

Old fashioned farmer’s head

Old-fashioned ‘boerenkop’ is really made with meat from The Duke of Berkshire®.

The taste of The Duke of Berkshire® on your plate?

Set to work with our premium pork yourself, or tuck your feet under the table and enjoy a delicious morsel of The Duke of Berkshire®.

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